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Github Actions are neat

Published on March 7, 2023

I recently fell even deeper into the mechanical keyboard world. It’s a hobby I thought I overcame after building my last keyboard but then I discovered split, ergonomic, ortholinear, mechanical keyboards and it sort of just reignited the fire.

One of the values of custom built mechanical keyboards is that often, they’re fully programmable. Meaning any key can be anything you’d like. Whether it’s a keystroke or a macro. You’re able to completely remap the keyboard to anything you’d like. Ben Vallack on YouTube even made a 20 key layout.

I digress, back to the topic at hand. Github Actions.

I knew of Github Actions, but primarily working in the Front End space or building with WordPress, I didn’t look too much into it. Just so happens, while I was compiling firmware for my keyboard, it mentioned using Github Actions to compile the firmware. So because of that, I’ve become intrigued at how else I could use the tool. I can think of some fun things, but I wanted to document when I first got interested. That’s all. This post was actually about keyboards 🙂