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Fatherhood made me a better engineer

Published on January 3, 2023

2022 was a crazy year. My full time job has been bananas (really, we love fruit), and I welcomed baby number 2 into the world. This is the first post of the year so I’ll keep it short but I wanted to bring something up I was thinking.

My first child is 3 now and we’ve been learning a lot together. There’s this idea I’ve heard before, that I’ve echoed to people:

Computer programming is like teaching a baby something, except that baby has a perfect memory and will learn exactly what you teach it and only that.

So over time the baby becomes a mess of spaghetti code that you have to maintain indefinitely and then npm packages take over and eventually break.

Jokes aside, I’m reflecting on the code I leave behind more so these days. I want to raise cool kids and I do that by trying to be the best dad ever. I want my code to be good, so the products are good, and so the other people that experience it will have a good time.

Also, raising 2 kids with a full time job and a freelance business makes you really good at time management. But that’s another blog post for another day.